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When you have to make arrangements for child support, you need child support attorneys that you can trust. We understand that family comes first, but you also need to ensure that you have an equitable, sustainable arrangement. This necessity also applies when you hire a child custody attorney to arrange for a healthy custody agreement. Dan P. Fontenot is a child support lawyer near me practicing in Iota, LA who can help you regardless of which side of the table you’re on.

Child custody and child support don’t have to be stress-inducing, difficult agreements, but unfortunately, they often are. If you and your co-parent are not on good terms, child support attorneys can help you bridge the gap to communicate clearly. Therefore, Attorney Fontenot would like to review your situation and help you establish agreements that will work for your family. 


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Child Custody Attorney

There are four major custody arrangements that the state government recognizes as valid. Depending on your arrangement, the agreement may also have binding terms regarding support. Specifically, the four arrangements are:

  • Joint Physical Custody – Both parents share custody of the child(ren). This may take the form of as much sharing as alternating weeks to as little as a weekend a month for one parent. Generally, the parent that has the greater responsibility is the custodial parent and will receive child support.
  • Sole Physical Custody – A single parent controls access to the child(ren) and has sole custody. 
  • Joint Legal Custody – Both parents must cooperate to make decisions regarding the child(ren)’s education, moving, and medical decisions. This arrangement works best when both parents are on the same page regarding care for their child(ren).
  • Sole Legal Custody – Often this will be paired with physical custody. If only one parent can be reasonably trusted to make decisions or both parents agree to give that right to one parent, this form will be used.

As you search for a child support lawyer near me practicing in Iota, LA, consider the nature of the child support and custody agreements that would work for you. Your child custody attorney can argue for the best chance to arrange things that suit your family’s needs. In many cases, it’s important that both parents contribute to raising the child(ren). Therefore, child support attorneys do their best work when they produce results that work for the whole family.

Child Support Lawyer Near Me

Remember that it’s important to find the right child support lawyer near me. Not everyone has the skills and knowledge necessary to help your family reach an equitable agreement. In contrast, highly-qualified child support attorneys can help you follow up regarding delinquent child support payments, as well. When you select your custody attorney, remember that their experience helps you anticipate the service you’ll receive. We invite you to contact us today to get answers to all of your questions related to child support and custody.

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Custody Attorney

Attorney Dan P. Fontenot is one of the premier child support attorneys practicing in Iota, LA. He offers all new clients an opportunity for a free initial consultation. Thus, each new client has a chance to safely learn about child support and custody in a risk-free environment. Ultimately, you need to be comfortable with your choice of a child custody attorney. Therefore, take the time to meet with Attorney Fontenot so that he can inform you about the process. As you work with him as your custody attorney, you’ll see that honesty, quality, and personal attention go a long way. In other words, you’ll know that your family is in good hands when you work with a qualified attorney who prioritizes your family’s needs.

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