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Roughly 10,000 marriages end in divorce each year in Louisiana. While there are roughly five times as many new marriages as divorces each year, divorce is a real consideration that could affect nearly anyone. As a result, many people seek the best divorce attorney near me for legal support during what is almost always a complicated time. Louisiana recognizes two kinds of divorce and has some conditions prior to granting a divorce. Speak with a divorce attorney at an accomplished divorce law firm practicing in Branch, LA for the best advice. In particular, there is a need for divorce lawyers for men who can effectively represent their clients.

The Law Office of Dan P. Fontenot is a divorce law firm that is home to one such attorney. Attorney Fontenot has extensive experience working with couples going through a divorce. Specifically, he has provided legal support and guidance on many occasions for all kinds of divorce. So whether you had an amicable split or parted on bad terms, you can be confident that Attorney Fontenot can handle your case. Below, find out some of the background information you’ll need to proceed with a divorce. 


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Divorce Attorney

The first requirement to file for divorce is that you must have been a resident of your parish in Louisiana for at least 12 months prior. If so, then you are eligible to be a petitioner and can work with a divorce law firm practicing in Branch, LA. Otherwise, you will need to wait until then before filing. There are two kinds of divorce that your divorce attorney can help you with:

  • No-Fault Divorce – This is the simplest kind of divorce proceeding, as it requires that both parties agree to separate. Additionally, the couple must have been living separately for the past 180 days.
  • Fault Divorce – Unlike no-fault divorce, this kind of divorce does not require an agreement between the two parties. If one party is aggrieved, he or she may file for divorce as the petitioner. Nevertheless, the petitioner must be able to show a valid reason for the divorce. Some of these reasons, for example, include adultery, a felony conviction, willful abandonment, or domestic/child abuse.

Regardless of the kind of divorce, you’ll need a divorce law firm to help you navigate the legal waters. There is a special need for divorce lawyers for men, as some courts may hold a bias towards women in any domestic proceedings. Occasionally, this can impact a hearing even in contrast to the evidence.

Divorce Lawyers for Men

As you search for divorce lawyers for men, consider what you want out of your attorney. Preferably, your attorney should work with a divorce law firm that has a track record of success. Further, its prior clients should be able to attest to the quality representation that they received. Ultimately, the best divorce attorney near me will be one that takes an honest, clear, and high-quality approach to your case. Additionally, they must be someone who provides personal attention and helps you understand what to expect at each stage of the proceedings.

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Best Divorce Attorney Near Me

The Law Office of Dan P. Fontenot is the right divorce law firm for you. We practice in Branch, LA and the surrounding areas, and have helped many people maneuver through an otherwise difficult struggle. Discover why our clients have considered us the best divorce attorney near me. That is to say, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a divorce attorney today. After all, you need to find someone who will diligently represent your interests in all situations, so let us show you why Attorney Fontenot is that person for you.

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