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Have you taken all the steps necessary to protect your assets for your family after you pass? Whether you’re in the midst of end-of-life planning or are simply looking to set up a living will, we can help you. Attorney Dan P. Fontenot is an estate planning lawyer and real estate lawyer with relevant experience. Specifically, he has worked with many clients over his decades of service as an estate planning attorney. Thus, if you’re looking for an estate planning attorney near me practicing in Port Barre, LA, Attorney Fontenot is a reliable choice.

His approach is informed by a clear mission to help Louisiana families get the help they need. In other words, Attorney Fontenot offers honest, quality, and personalized attention that truly protects families across the state. Check out how he can help you as your estate planning lawyer.


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Real Estate Lawyer

First, Attorney Fontenot understands real estate law and the ramifications of owning property. As a real estate lawyer, he is aware of the tax rules involved with including land in your estate. Thus, you must take special measures in Port Barre, LA to protect your family from losing out on property or taxes as part of your estate. Further, as an estate planning attorney, he can inform you how best to arrange your assets, whether that should be left to probate or established in a trust. His experience as an estate planning lawyer has earned him firsthand knowledge of how the courts interpret and respect wills.

Estate Planning Attorney

Depending on the size and nature of your estate, Attorney Fontenot may recommend forming a trust. When well-constructed by an estate planning lawyer, trusts are a great way to minimize the impact of taxes. Additionally, trusts ensure that you have already established a beneficiary of your estate. The benefits to this include much more clarity and eliminating the possibility of someone mishandling your estate as an executor. Specifically, if you lack a clear will and testament, then any property not in an estate may be apportioned differently than you would desire. Therefore, an estate planning attorney near me can protect those assets as you intend. On the other hand, an estate planning attorney can also help you draft a legally clear and binding will. This will can complement or replace a trust if it is unnecessary.

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Estate Planning Attorney Near Me

While it’s not exciting to plan for end-of-life situations, it is a necessary part of responsible family life. Therefore, finding an estate planning attorney near me can be a true boon. This is because an estate planning lawyer can walk you through the relevant differences regarding wills and trusts. Further, a real estate lawyer can help you protect your assets from unnecessary taxation. This protection is not about avoiding taxes, but ensuring that since you already paid your dues, it can pass safely to your family.

Attorney Fontenot makes it easy to start the estate planning process. That is to say, you can contact us today to schedule a free consultation with him. He will clearly and carefully review the options before you and advise you on which make the most sense. The true benefit of an estate planning lawyer is the wealth of their knowledge and high-quality advice. It’s not easy to plan effectively for what future years may bring. It is doubly difficult when you consider the fact that you won’t be around to clarify things that that point. Thus, with the right help, you can create an airtight will and effective trust. 

Don’t delay on your end of life planning! Contact us today to speak with an estate planning lawyer for free. 

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