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If you’re considering adopting a child, congratulations! Though the process is not easy and involves many steps, families who adopt in Ville Platte, LA provide a necessary home to children in need. Nevertheless, such families need to find a family law attorney near me who can help with the process. The state has many restrictions and requirements to help protect the children involved. Therefore, guardianship lawyers near me can help you become aware of and meet these requirements. Ultimately, you can’t do the process on your own, so we can help you find family adoption lawyers or family law lawyers near me.

The Law Office of Dan P. Fontenot believes in providing the best possible service to each client. Attorney Fontenot, therefore, upholds a personal commitment to honesty, quality, and personal attention. As with all aspects of his practice, he applies those principles as with all family adoption lawyers who will fight for you. 


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Family Law Attorney Near Me

As with many states, the government in Louisiana uses a lengthy process and high standards to approve an adoption request. Even with quality family adoption lawyers, you should expect that the process will take time. Nevertheless, Attorney Fontenot will work tirelessly as your family law attorney near me to help you understand the process. First review the requirements to adopt:

  • You must have space for the child. Specifically, they must have their own room or share it with another child of the same sex.
  • Counting the proposed adoptee, you cannot have more than five children under 18 in your home.
  • Your home must pass a safety inspection. Family law lawyers near me can help you effectively prepare for that inspection.
  • Each member of your family or resident in your home must be medically cleared of communicable diseases, or in official treatment for such a disease.
  • You must have a clean record regarding childcare claims in Louisiana and every other state.
  • Your household must also prove that you have enough income to support another child.

Additionally, you must submit the correct forms to the appropriate agencies to complete the adoption. Once you’ve searched through the family law lawyers near me practicing in Ville Platte, LA, you can start the process. 

Family Law Lawyers Near Me

Fortunately, beyond the costs of family adoption lawyers, adoption can be inexpensive. If you work through the Department of Youth and Family Services, there is no additional cost to adopt. There are several other agencies that can connect you with children who need adoption, such as:

  • Louisiana Adoption Advisory Board
  • Louisiana Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
  • St. Elizabeth Foundation

Each of these firms may charge additional fees, as they are not government-run. Nevertheless, each has a slightly different process, so family adoption lawyers can help you navigate any of the application procedures. Bear in mind that the process starts with finding family law lawyers near me or guardianship lawyers near me, but ends with a new addition to your family.

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Guardianship Lawyers Near Me

If there is a child or family member in your life who needs help, you can become their guardian. The process is a little different from adoption, but it involves going through the state courts. Thus, search first for guardianship lawyers near me practicing in Ville Platte, LA to find help. Attorney Fontenot can satisfy your needs for both guardianship and family adoption lawyers. Contact us for a free consultation today with a family law attorney near me. When it comes to your family, you deserve the best care possible. Therefore, Dan P. Fontenot will put your family first and work to get you the results you deserve.

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