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Whether you’re considering end-of-life planning or just starting a family, a lawyer for wills and trusts can help organize your estate. Generally, those who are approaching retirement and those who have dependents need effective planning in case of an accident or illness. If you’ve thought about it but don’t know where to begin, you can first search for will lawyers near me practicing in Sunset, LA. After a brief conversation with a trust attorney, you can start to plan out what you’d like to happen when you pass. For larger estates, you’ll want to search for trust lawyers near me, as well, as there are several benefits to trusts.

The Law Office of Dan P. Fontenot is available to help you. As one of the most capable will lawyers near me, he can address your concerns and help you draft a watertight will or trust that the courts will support. Furthermore, Attorney Fontenot will overview your situation and needs at an initial consultation free of charge. Keep reading below to learn some of the differences between estates with wills and those with trusts.


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Trust Attorney

The biggest decision you’ll have to make when speaking with your trust attorney is whether or not to form a trust. Fortunately, once you’ve found capable trust lawyers near me, you’ll have a significant source of helpful advice. In fact, Attorney Fontenot has years of experience serving the people of Sunset, LA, and the rest of the New Orleans area. That is to say, he is familiar with numerous situations that real families experience. Thus, he can clearly articulate the benefits of forming a trust in your unique situation.

Essentially, trusts are treated as distinct entities from the rest of your estate. They may often protect your assets from undue taxation, and you also have significantly greater control as to how those assets are apportioned. With the help of one of the top will lawyers near me, you can designate your trust’s beneficiaries. Additionally, you determine whether they receive funds at once, at a delayed date, or as an annuity. Further, your estate may especially benefit from placing real estate in a trust. Indeed, a significant benefit of placing assets in a trust is the administrator. For that role, you designate someone without regard to a familial relationship. You can even designate will lawyers near me to serve as your administrator. Therefore, your trust will be legally bound to carry out your instructions to the letter.

Trust Lawyers Near Me

With those clear benefits of trusts, you may be curious regarding the benefits of wills. Your lawyer for wills and trusts can articulate those clearly and specifically for your case. Generally, though, clear wills can be more expedient for smaller estates. As you speak to trust lawyers near me, you may be advised that is it not necessary to designate a trust. In that case, you can review your assets with will lawyers near me to draft your will. Thus, your will and testament will cover all significant assets and designate an executor.

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Lawyer for Wills and Trusts Practicing In Sunset, LA

Ultimately, you’ll get the best advice possible regarding your situation by speaking with will lawyers near me practicing in Sunset, LA. Attorney Fontenot will serve as your trust attorney to review the best way to account for your estate. Regardless of the size of your estate, there is a right way to protect your family. Therefore, speak with a lawyer for wills and trusts today to plan for tomorrow. Attorney Fontenot will give you the honest, quality, personal attention you deserve. Contact his office to schedule your complimentary consultation and learn more about estate planning in Louisiana. Through his efforts, your family may avoid financial and legal hardship when the time comes.

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