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When a workplace accident harms you, you have a right to workers compensation. Regardless of your industry, the best work injury lawyers can help you improve your odds of getting a settlement you deserve. Your workers compensation attorney will represent you both in and out of court. Specifically, the workmans comp lawyer will help you file the correct paperwork and make any necessary arguments. Thus, when you have an injury and don’t know what to do next, then find a workers comp lawyer near me practicing in Rayne, LA.

Below, you can review the ways that Daniel P. Fontenot can help as your workers compensation attorney. First, take a look at what constitutes a workers compensation claim. Second, explore the possible outcomes you can expect. Finally, we’ll address our process for helping you with your claim.


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Best Work Injury Lawyers

When you’re considering a workers compensation claim, it’s reasonable that you’d want to find the best work injury lawyers. A capable workers compensation attorney can offer you the best blend of experience and intelligent action to improve your odds of positive results. The first step is to understand what is involved in a workers comp claim:

  • There must be a genuine injury
  • The injury must have taken place on company property or time
  • You must be an employee or contractor for the company

If all three conditions are met, then a workers comp lawyer near me can help you negotiate with the company. Ideally, the best results occur by rapidly settling out of court. As a result, your costs remain low and you have the best chance of maintaining a positive relationship with your employer. Further, you can more swiftly receive your compensation. Therefore, if an accident injures you, you should contact a workers compensation attorney practicing in Rayne, LA immediately.

Workers Comp Lawyer Near Me

As you speak with a workmans comp lawyer, they can take your account of the accident. Then, your workers compensation attorney can give you a frank assessment of the likely outcomes. Remember: the more complete and accurate your account is, the better the advice your attorney can give. There are several possible outcomes to a workers comp claim when working with a lawyer who practices in Rayne, LA:

  • You and your employer come to a settlement agreement out of court
  • The case goes to court and your attorney successfully argues the case
  • The case goes to court, but the court rules against you

Fortunately, when you discuss your situation with a workers comp lawyer near me, you’ll receive swift feedback regarding your case’s viability. It’s best to know before you file your claim whether reasonable grounds exist. If your workers compensation attorney can arrange a successful outcome, then you are entitled to compensation. Regardless of if it came through litigation or settlement, you can expect certain qualities regarding that compensation. First, most benefits related to disability are based on your income. Specifically, your disability payments will be 2/3 of the amount of your old income that you’re not making. Further, you may be entitled to an award of $50,000 if your injury involved losing or paralyzing a limb. Finally, you may receive additional benefits, including medical reimbursement, vocational rehabilitation, or death and funeral benefits.

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Workmans Comp Lawyer

The Law Office of Dan P. Fontenot has a firm commitment to provide top-quality work. When you need a workers compensation attorney, we want to be the ones you call. Our process is simple, and it starts with a free consultation with a workmans comp lawyer. Afterward, we lay out clear expectations and an estimated timeline. Then, we’ll represent you both in and out of the courtroom to ensure we maximize the chances you get the compensation you deserve. We want you to consider us some of the best work injury lawyers when you see our results, so contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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